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Greetings! I'm Gary

For those who do not know me yet...

My name is Gary Miller and I am Miller’s Mobile Tax service. I have been running Millers Mobile Tax Service going on 16 years.
I started by helping mostly friends, family and extended relations, but with good referrals from them Millers has been growing in not clients but in family.
Through it all my two biggest backers have been my wife, who has been my rock in this journey, and my clients, who I see as extended family.
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I grew up in a small Illinois town called Joppa. After Graduation I served in the military before going to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where I earned a masters in accounting and business management.
After college I handled a lot of blue collar occupations, which is why I strive to help the people who keep our great nation running.
In early 2001 I moved to California to Riverbank so I have been serving the Central Valley for over fifteen years in one manner or another; be it through my business or civic organizations I am a part of.
But accounting and tax preparation has always been my passion, and I strive to find every deduction I can for my clients, because that means more of a return or less of a tax bill for them.
I chose mobile service as it allows me to pass a massive savings off to my clients.
 No brick or mortar store means no massive over head and I find it is more convenient for my clients as there is no having to plan your day around going to a tax preparation place then have to wait then hope you have all the paperwork with you.
When I come to you, all your paperwork is at hand in the comfort of your home. I prepare it in a setting you are comfortable with less hassle for you means less stress and (who doesn't want more of that).
I also like the idea I am bringing back a small piece of nostalgia of yesterday when the doctor and other important services came to your home, because your business was important to them.
I see my job like that you are important to me so I come to you.
So call me or click the book now button to set an appointment.
And remember; Millers Mobile -  Where we know the route to your best return!
Gary Miller

Owner of Miller's Mobile Tax Service

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Qualifications and Degrees

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  • Now Certified in Cannabis Dispensary Taxation!

    Officially certified and fully versed in all aspects of federal tax regulations concerning the cannabis and cannabis supply industry.

  • Masters in Accounting and Business Management

    I wrote my thesis on why citizens should be able to take the same tax breaks as the large corporations who can file as "people". It was accepted by the IRS.

  • California Certified Accountant

    I have been a certified CPA for over 20 years, helping clients secure their desired tax benefits from both their current paychecks as well as past year's returns. With experience working with over 500 different clients, I know exactly how to prevent individuals from blowing their budgets.

  • Certified Notary

    With over 16 years of experience in notarization, I am well-equipped to provide legal services on a day-to-day basis. (I am not a lawyer). Not only do I provide this service, but I am also an active member in my community, involved in civic activities as well as business development.

  • 16+ Years in Business

    I have been in business as a tax preparer, notary, and CPA for 16+ years. I have extensive knowledge and experience in providing accurate financial, accounting, and tax services for organizations of all sizes. My clients receive peace of mind knowing that when they need to pay their bills they will have enough funds set aside for these necessary fees and taxes.

  • Blue Collar Experience

    When I graduated college the dot com bubble had just crashed, so I went and I did every blue collar job you can imagine. Trucking, tow boating, ditch digging, and everything else that will get your hands dirty. I understand the worker's plight.

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